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Quick Questions to Ask An Exterior Painting Contractor

Considering house painting? Making sure the house painters that you contract are true professionals, is extremely important! Correct applications, using optimal products, and applying in appropriate conditions, are all things that a professional house painter or painting contractor should be able to guarantee. But there are other factors that are more detailed when it comes to interior or exterior house painting applications. In this blog, we are specifically going to cover exterior painting.

We have listed a few of what we consider the most important questions pertaining to your next exterior house painting application. Listed, are questions to ask your next local painter! These questions are more detailed! A truly professional painter should be able to quickly answer the following questions!

1) Why do you suggest using this particular product?

2) Are you familiar with Surfactant Leaching and the high potential of it in humid climates?

3) Do you suggest one or two coats?

4) Should I spray or hand brush? Why one application over another?

5) What are the differences between a flat and satin finish?

6) Do you suggest painting the gutters and downspouts?

7) How thick does this paint apply?

8) How long do you expect the new coating to last?

9) Which exterior colors are more subject to fade?

These are just a few questions that you should ask to be certain you are hiring a quality exterior painter that has enough knowledge to truly be considered a professional!

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