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Exterior Painting Adds Value

Painted gray homes with white trim are the new trend for sure. But did you know that homes with blue (or cool, neutral colors in general) typically sell for $5,400 more than expected in Raleigh, NC?

So, if you’re considering selling your home you may want to get an exterior house painter to paint the front porch ceiling blue??

While specific trends and styles may easily change with times, the big takeaway here is that a fresh coat of exterior paint may have more of an impact than you think whether your selling in Cary, Raleigh, or Wake Forest, NC.

Let’s take a look at how beneficial exterior house painting can be.

Why Get an Exterior Paint Job?

Maybe you stumbled over here not exactly sure what you’re looking for. Maybe you’ve considered hiring a house painting contractor, but you need a little more convincing.

So, why would you want this kind of service in the first place? The obvious first benefit to painting your house is that coveted curb appeal.

Standing Out From the Neighbors

When you’re driving home from a long day at work, what do you want to see? A cracked, peeling, faded building or a home with a brilliant shade of color that speaks to you?

For that matter, when you have company over or when the neighbors are passing by, the last thing you want is indifference. We all know that feeling of someone complimenting our home, clothes, or appearance out of friendly necessity.

“Oh yes…that shade of red is…quite interesting,” they say with raised eyebrows and a gritted smile we can see right through.

When you choose the best exterior house paint and apply it with a careful, professional hand, you give everyone a genuine reason to appreciate your home as much as you do.

You may even get the chance to learn a thing or two about how colors and shades play into our emotions or trick our minds.

Some shades are great at accentuating particular portions or aspects of our homes while others may downplay areas if we want. For example, some designers say that lighter shades can make surfaces appear larger while darker ones can make them smaller.

The amount of customization and freedom you have when choosing your own house paint gives you a lot of room for creativity.

Increase Protection and Longevity

Just like a car or your own health, everything needs a check-up once in a while.

The same applies to our homes. The roof over our heads keeps us warm and cool and protects us against natural elements. Nature takes a toll on its surfaces, though.

Whether it be rain, snow, sleet, hail, fires, or turbulent winds, the home exterior can take a beating, and sometimes it shows.

When you choose the right outdoor paintyou give your home a more lasting layer of protection.

Think of it as a shield for your home’s siding. This can help prevent more serious issues, such as mold caused by moisture leaking through cracks and tears from the old layer of paint.

In turn, this also gives your home some increased longevity, ensuring you’ll be enjoying living there for even longer!

Add Resale Value

Some of us are “nesters.” We love our homes, and we intend to live in them, raise a family in them, and even pass them down to future generations.

That’s not the case for everyone, though, and you should absolutely consider the possibility that you may eventually need to sell. Maybe you’re even considering that now.

Without a doubt, painting the exterior of your house will add a considerable amount of resale value to your home.

For one thing, your home’s exterior is like the cover art of a movie: you may not know exactly what’s inside, but it will certainly give you a good idea.

When you’re trying to entice potential buyers, you really need to sell them on every aspect of the house.

As nice, well-furnished, and decorated as your interior might be, the outside is what they’re going to see first, and it will set the tone. If people are let down by what you’re house looks like on the outside, then they may not be happy about what’s inside.

Also, even regardless of the quality of your exterior paint job, simply painting at all in the first place will help in selling or trading your home.

Most buyers will ask you when the last time the house was painted.

It’s the same as someone buying a car. Most people ask how recently the vehicle was serviced.

The more recently your house was painted, the better chance you’ll have of selling it for what it’s actually worth.

Exterior Paint Job Tips

Painting the exterior of a house is an involved and delicate process.

You may think it’s just a matter of buying the right color, grabbing a brush, and going to town, but the reality is it takes a careful hand. There are a few tips you can keep in mind, though, if you do decide to take on the job yourself.

You obviously need to choose colors and shades carefully. Bold colors can be fun, but very risky too, and the cost, time, and effort it takes to revert the color may not be worth it.

But on that note, choosing a contrasting color for exterior trim paint might be a great way of giving your house beautiful accents. Consider ideas like light yellow on window trims against a cream or off-white siding.

Front doors are a great place to give your home an interesting and unique color accent.

If your plan is to sell, though, be sure to pick neutral tones that you know will appeal to a wide audience.

Give Your Home a Fresh Makeover

Our homes are a source of comfort and security, but once in a while, they need care and attention.

Sometimes, that means you need to give your kitchen or bathroom a makeover with special countertops, and other times it means you need to take a look outside.

A fresh coat of exterior paint can either fix glaring issues with your siding or just simply give your home some life and much-needed curb appeal.

Do you have more questions about choosing colors or what goes into the process? If so, feel free to contact us right away for help on your next painting project.

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