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Trusting Your Raleigh Home Painter: 7 Tips

A Touch of Color Painting seeks to provide the assurance of transparency for all of the house painting services that we provide.

Transparency is an important word in the vocabulary of our painters. Transparency is defined as “free from pretense or deceit”.

Our Raleigh expert painters work tirelessly to ensure that you are fully informed when choosing us as your painting contractor. We also offer all the information needed on even the supplies for your painting project.

What does transparency mean to you? How can you determine if your interior or exterior contractor shows transparency?

7 Tips: Transparent Communication with Your Home Painter

1) Always require your painting company to display exactly what line of paint they plan to apply within your negotiated estimate.

2) When negotiating contracts, be sure to state all job specifics. Some job specifics might include the number of coats of paint you expect and how the paint will be applied to the interior or exterior of your triangle home.

By putting specifics in the contract ahead of time, all parties are fully aware of the job expectations.

3) Warranty terms and conditions should be written out in the contract. All labor costs should be itemized and clearly stated.

4) One of the most important aspects to be written out is the prep work. Ensure in the early steps of the project that your painters plan to do their own prep work.

5) Prep work can have a lasting effect on the way your paint job comes out and how long it lasts.

6) When it comes to exterior house painting be sure your contractors are scraping loose paint, spot priming raw wood, using quality caulking, and identifying all rotted wood.

7) If you will not be there to oversee the project from beginning to end, ask your contractor to take pictures as the project progresses.

At A Touch of Color Painting, we believe a painter should be willing to take extra measures to ensure that your painting project is completed correctly. We want to make your home improvement vision a reality.

We also provide professional services at fair prices and aim to make our customers feel as comfortable as possible from the projects beginning to end.

We believe in transparency with our customers. We are a locally owned midsized company striving to provide the Triangle area with the best exterior and interior paint jobs. We specialize in exterior house painting and repairs.

With over 15 years of experience for each of our painters, we offer the professionalism and quality that cannot be matched! Our experts are on hand for a free color consultation to help you pick the best color for the exterior of your Triangle home. We provide services to the Raleigh, Wake Forest, Cary, and Chapel Hill areas.

Please contact us today with questions or to receive a free estimate Call 919-426-4928!

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