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Raleigh's painting trends are changing. Homeowners are going more neutral.We have started to notice a slight variation in Raleigh house painting trends. We felt compelled to share the changes in color selections we as Raleigh Painters have experienced.

Here in the past few years, we have started to see a slight change in paint color choices and layouts. There seems to be an increase in more modern and energetic colors used in common areas. In areas that give off more of an energetic vibe, like beaches and huge cities, this is slightly more common. For Raleigh, energetic colors are outside of our typically traditional style. Here in Raleigh and surrounding areas, most homes have basic colors in living rooms, dens, upstairs hall, and foyers. When considering colors to paint your home’s interior, simplicity is never the wrong choice. It is also not a bad idea to find inspiration and add a little color. Think of the beauty in color and find the right color for you.

Raleigh Finding the Beauty in Neutrals

Painting a more energetic color in common areas doesn’t automatically mean the color is not neutral. Neutral mostly means the selected color will complement and transition well between rooms. Light reflection value (LRV) also plays part in selecting neutral colors. A Touch of Color suggests that LRV’s stay between 30 and 60, depending on how dark or light you desire the area to be. The new neutrals that are becoming more common here in Raleigh have mostly gray hues. Grey is the new color of choice for many. The subtle contrast between walls and trim is the new look that many are looking for. It brings a very calming feel to the area. With a slightly blue or green undertone added to gray hues, our clients are amazed. The house painting examples turn out blue/ green with a gray undertone and are not easily identified as one or the other. These colors are truly amazing. In our colors and ideas, our clients are surprised to see the huge select of neutrals that are offered, that are not brown or beige.

Take a look at our next Raleigh painting blog to view examples or a few of these colors.

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