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Smaller Painting Businesses Retaining Quality Control

Once you have received estimates from 2-3 contractors, how do you compare each estimate? What distinguishes a local contractor from a franchise? Is a local company definitive enough to justify hiring them over someone else? What should I look for in an interior or exterior house painting contract?

The unspoken truth is that price is usually considered first when homeowners are comparing estimates?


You may ask, “Why is there such a wide range of pricing among estimates? Is one company offering better quality, application, or products? Or, is it simply overhead that I am paying for?”

The fact is, you want a company that offers quality without overpaying. The remedy for this is usually found in a mid-sized company. Midsized companies typically have less overhead.

But don’t hire too small!

Hiring a company that consists of one man and a truck usually turns out to be a seemingly never-ending project. Resulting in you wishing you hired someone that could have handled the job.

Choose the medium-sized companies with a proven portfolio of quality and expertise. Wait and turnaround times vary among all companies. However, companies that have larger offices, several middlemen, and multiple locations always result in more overhead for the company.

The presentation and the mere size of a large company are impressive to some people. However, there usually is a premium associated with companies that have heavy overhead! If you have received several quotes, it will be easy to conclude that you are paying a premium for a larger company that offers that attractive platform.

For some homeowners, larger companies offer the pretense of confidence and security that they are looking for. If you simply like the feeling of a large company and don’t mind paying the extra money, I am sure no one will complain!


We don’t view a franchised company as a truly local business.

A franchise derives from someone that has the money to purchase a business model, that will be executed within the desired location. In terms of both painting contractors and other contractors, largely, most franchises are established within proximity of where the franchisee lives.

To us, the true definition of a local business stems from one individual or (individuals) in pursuit of an idea, which involves commitment and dedication.

These individuals usually have experience in the field related to the business in which they are going to start. These kinds of local businesses also stem from an idea and are executed from the ground up. You may ask, “Why does this matter”? The one statement that will answer that question and should be the center of how you are comparing painting contractors is “quality control”.

Quality Controlled Businesses

A company that is midsized can manage quality better. Also, the smaller business has a level of consistency that derives from the integrity found in each employee! Resulting in better quality, communication and sets the platform for a personal experience.

The level of experience a hands-on leader provides is far superior to someone with only a business plan. Simply put, experienced leaders are always better than non-experienced leaders.

Having the knowledge, experience, portfolio, and warranties to guarantee their work, with little overhead are the companies that usually offer the best overall value. However, are not always the cheapest!

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