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Tips: Picking Raleigh House Painting Contractors

There are a million questions running through your head when you are trying to pick the right painting contractor for your Raleigh home.

What are the differences between a local contractor and a franchise? How should I know which products are quality materials? How can I compare each estimate?

We have compiled some of the most helpful tips from our experts.

Prep Work Matters When it Comes to Painting

We have come up with some of the most important aspects of the painting process to keep you informed and to help you pick the best possible company for your home improvement project.

One of the most important parts of a quality paint job is the prep work. It is crucial to know how each company plans to prepare before starting your painting project.

When it comes to exterior home painting prep, will they pressure wash or clean dirt? Do they plan to remove paint (both spray tip and technique matter)?

A careful and systematic approach to prepping the exterior of your home will result in maximizing the performance benefits of high-quality painting materials.

Ask each painter how they plan to prep your home for the highest quality painting results.

Quality of The Painting Materials

Paint manufacturers tend to make a range of products from high quality to very low quality and price products.

Your potential contractor should be able to explain the type of painting materials he/she uses and where those materials fit in the product line.

This also goes for primer and caulk. Cheap primer is watery and cheap caulk tends to dry out and pull loose. Make sure to ask your painter what products he plans to use so that you get the best bang for your buck.

Does The Size of The Painting Company Matter?

Larger companies tend to have a bigger overhead. Companies with large offices, several middlemen, and multiples locations may result in you having to pay a more expensive premium.

A larger company may offer the pretense of confidence and security of a job well done, however, the wait and turnaround for your project may still be long.

Hiring a small company that consists of one man and a truck may turn into a seemingly never-ending project. Midsized companies with a proven portfolio of quality and expertise are the best option.

Midsized companies usually require a smaller overhead for their company and have the labor capacity to have your project completed in a timely manner with quality results.

The professionalism of your House Painting Contractor

Your painters should always company shirts while on the job site. Painter doing so will offer a level of professionalism and cleanliness. Messy clothing may equate to a messy job. Looking for small details like no blaring music, no foul language and the use of clean tarps will ensure you have a top-notch company completing your home improvement project.

Looking To Start Your Next House Painting Project Today?

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Our services range from interior to exterior house painting and repairs. With over 15 years of experience for each of our painters, we offer the professionalism and quality that cannot be matched!

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