The task of finding the perfect contractor to paint the exterior of your Raleigh home can be daunting, and for good reason. Painting the exterior of your home can get quite costly, but if done properly should last for about five to ten years. As a homeowner in the booming city of Raleigh, finding just any house painter is quite easy with just a quick search online. In order to help ensure that you make a worthwhile investment while still getting the best bang for your buck, we have compiled a list of what you should look out for on your search for the right exterior house painter.


A History of Experience


With time on the job, comes experience. When deciding what company will paint the exterior of your house, it is vital to find how long the company has been in business. As a rule of thumb, it is better to choose a company that has been in business for at least 5 years and more tends to be better.  Similarly, it is important to find a company who is licensed and insured for their work. Specifically, make sure the company is covered with 2 types of insurance: workmen’s compensation and comprehensive business liability.

Do they Have Positive and Trustworthy Online Reviews?


Nowadays, Google has become an extremely useful and handy tool when looking for information on just about anything. Take advantage of this and research local area house painting contractors. Be sure to look for reviews from sites, like Google BusinessFacebook, and Yelp to gather a basic understanding of the contractor’s performance. Reading online reviews from previous customers is a terrific way to learn more about the painter even before checking out their website or giving them a call.

How’s the Website?

While you can never truly trust everything you read, there are enough trusted resources available to allow yourself to gather a general idea about all the house painting contractors near you. Google makes this quite easy by listing painters local to your Raleigh location paired with one or two review sites. Once you have compiled an idea of the local painters, continue searching the internet to gather a general overview of the company. The way a painting company portrays itself online can tell you a lot about a company. Some important things to look out for include: Do they have a nicely designed website?  Is the website updated with recent house painting project images?  Do the images reflect houses that are similar in style to yours?   Do they updated their website often?  Do they offer exterior house painting resources such as a blog?   Does this Raleigh exterior home painter appear to be professional? Are their recent pictures of their work? Does their website represent the company well enough to get the impression they could do the job the way you want it done?

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


Just like the old saying goes, “The Proof is in the Work.” A painting company you can trust to be transparent with you is one that readily showcases their past work and doesn’t shy from displaying photographs. Check out their online social media presence and their company website for images of recently completed work.  You can instantly tell from pictures if the company is proud and confident of completed projects. A company confident in what they do is eager to display their talent in an effort to find new opportunities. Whether you’re looking to retouch and completely re-do a house painting job, viewing the style of the exterior painter can really help narrow down your search for the right contractor.

Social Media


Check out the painting company’s Facebook and other online social media accounts. Looking at how a company interacts and stays in touch with their clients is key when trying to decide which painters you want to contact about your project. Scroll through their various social media accounts to see what customers have to say, as well as how the company receives the feedback. Looking for a company that frequently posts on these accounts, replies to clients and new customers, and has examples of their work on display can really help decipher trust.

Have Your Raleigh Home Painted with an Experienced and Locally Owned Painting Contractor


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