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Emerald Zero VOC Exterior House Paint

Most zero VOC paints are geared towards interior painting applications. In fact, many contractors’ opinions are dated on the importance of zero VOC paints altogether. They ask… an exterior zero VOC paint? For what? 

We are proud to help introduce an innovative exterior product.

Sherwin-Williams introduced several new product lines here over the years. Some products warrant an introduction, and frankly, others do not.

Sherwin Williams’ newly innovative product is called Emerald. The most innovative is Emerald Exterior. Although, Emerald is offered in interior and exterior Zero VOC formulas.

The Competition For Exterior Zero VOC Paint

There are other (mostly independent) exterior zero VOC house painting suppliers. But when a massive company like Sherwin-Williams introduces a product, it sets the bar for others to follow. 

Most likely, other paint manufacturers will compete and introduce a variety of exterior zero VOC products. More competition for exterior environmentally responsible paints will help control the prices and make green external paint applications more available. 

Eco-Friendly Consious Applications

When it comes to exterior eco-friendly applications, this Sherwin-Williams Emerald was well needed.

The current market for eco-friendly paints demands is primarily for clean interior air quality. 

As painting contractors and consumers, we should think of how we can contribute to a clean earth, not just clean air within our homes. 

It is easy to get caught up in things that only directly affect our daily routines. Look at the total picture and how our actions affect others. But most importantly, consider how our decisions affect our larger home, earth.

If you are looking for environmentally responsible exterior paint, contact us and see how our services differ. 

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