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Sikkens Deck Stains in Raleigh, NC

In the market for exterior deck staining? Sikkens, against other brands, is hard to beat.

The Sikkens purchase price is a little higher than others. A gallon of the Cetol 1 is about $48.00. However, the extra money to purchase the product is additional money well spent.

Why Sikkens

Sikken deck stains contain a higher amount of solids than other leading deck stains that are in our market today. Of these solids, they are genuinely penetrating oils. Sikkens oil one coat formula is a superior product. The

Sikkens 2 coat product is a remarkable product as well. The two-coat system has an extremely high amount of solids. It contains nearly 50% solids in a semi-transparent formula.

The only drawback of this product is that it has a few application limitations. Due to a high amount of solids, the finish can look shinny in a few areas – this is also known as flashing.

Before application a coat of Sikkens stain to your home or deck, it’s essential to identify which products were previously used. Outside of that, Sikkens does supply customers with an application specification handout.

The handout should offer details that will allow you to apply that stain like a pro. Just remember, similar to all paint or staining applications, the preparations are essential to achieve optimal performance.

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