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A Shortlist of Exterior Painting Steps

There are several sources that offer information on what to ask a house painting contractor to qualify the company. Yes, there are several questions that should be answered to gain credibility and assurance that the company is a legitimate business. But there are also questions to ask about the procedure of the work.

There are not many sources that offer the information needed to know what an exterior painter’s steps should be. Well, here we go! A Touch of Color Painting will go into details with a short step by step guide on what our exterior painting procedures are.

This is what every top-quality exterior house painting job should consist of!

  1. You must clean the home. All areas that are to be painted should be thoroughly pressure washed with a   mix of sodium hydrochloride and TSP. Our machines are 4,000 plus PSI to ensure great pressure at high elevation.
  2. After the home has dried for at least a day, we will start necessary sanding and scraping off any loose or peeling paint. This process is imperative to achieve ultimate paint adhesion!
  3. Next, all raw wood and exposed areas are primed with Zinsser exterior primers.
  4. Then comes the caulking of all cracks and puttying all nail holes. Another key process! We use lifetime guaranteed caulking, which expands and contracts at 70% the size of the crack.
  5. All previously primed areas are now spot primed with top coat paint so that these areas get multiple coats.
  6. The final paint coat is applied.
  7. Finally, we clean up and look for touch-ups.

Now you have a shortlist of steps. Let see what you’ve got!

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