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The Importance of Properly Storing Extra House Paint

Interior and exterior paint storage are much more important than most think. Often forgotten, some paints are flammable, and most are hazardous

Correctly storing extra paint from previous painting projects will save time and money. Keeping house paint stored correctly will also allow seamless touch-ups and save both you or your house painter time and alleviate potential confusion.

How to Approach Paint Storage

Whether the paint is interior house paint or exterior, the storage requirements are the same. The most common mistakes when considering places to store paint is not thinking long term. The whole objective of keeping extra paint is to preserve it, not getting it out of the way! 

You never know when you may need paint for emergency touch-ups. 

It is essential first to consider places that are in control climates. Variation in temperatures causes the pigments in a can of paint to change.

 If pigments are allowed to change, it will be nearly impossible to use for touch-ups. 

On the other hand, if the paint gets too hot, it’s more likely to dry out. However, allowing the paint to freeze is even worse.

The bottom line is, to assure future usage, paint has to be stored inside. Usually in a smaller closet or indoor utility room are the best options. When opening a can or bucket of paint, if you smell an odor similar to rotten eggs, chances are the paint has started to decompose and is no longer usable.

Upon completion, we will label and store all additional paint materials for your project! Call us for more information regarding our full-service painting services! 919-426-4928

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