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Techniques to Painting Exterior House Trim

Welcome to the Raleigh exterior painting specialists blog post! Here we will guide you and offer a few techniques for painting your home’s exterior.

If you are a homeowner in Cary or Raleigh, NC looking to have your home repainted this necessitates the need to use the right techniques. When approaching the process of painting exterior trim let make sure we get it right!

Our painters at A Touch of Color Painting LLC appreciate the importance of exterior painting for home improvement. We are the most experienced team of interior or exterior house painting contractors in the Raleigh and Cary areas. Our painting professionals bring decades of combined experience to every job we undertake.

Painting Exterior’s Like a Pro

If you want to upgrade your home’s aesthetic appeal, painting exterior siding should take priority due to it’s prominence.

Home repainting is cost-effective if you wish to give your house a new lease of life. It is also easy to give your home a personal touch by applying colors based on your preferences. We are the best painting contractors to revamp your home’s appeal.

While much of the repainting focus is on the siding, the exterior trim requires equal if not more attention. This is the structural component that ties different aspects of exterior décor together. Without corner boards, fascia, soffit, windows, doors, and exterior porches your home would be dark inside and plain outside. The overall appearance of your home would look incomplete.

Exterior trim gives your home’s exterior façade a uniform and harmonious appearance.  Whatever the motivation behind repainting your home, we believe you need the right skills or Raleigh exterior painting contractor.

A report on USA Today state that the quality of a home repainting can determine the market value of your property. For this reason, you have to do the painting job right. To help you achieve the dream, our team has created a guide on how to trim exterior trim.

Tips on Painting Exterior Trim

Painting the exterior trim is the final phase of a home’s repainting project. It is understandable that at this stage, you want to complete the project and move on to something else. However, this last stage calls for diligence and attention to detail.

If you rush to apply exterior wood trim paint, there’s a big risk of ruining the entire project.  Close attention to details when working on the trim gives the impression of professionalism and quality. You also ensure that your efforts help protect the surface from UV, moisture, and foreign materials.

Our team recommends the following tips when painting exterior trim:

1.    Learn about the Building Code

If you want to do the repainting job, you have to conform to the EPA regulations for lead-safe practices. This applies to homes built before 1978 with the idea being to protect yourself and your neighbors from airborne lead particles.

2.    Work from the Top Down

Start with the gables, dormers, eaves, and gutters before moving to the upper story windows. Proceed to the porches and stairs, and foundations for the perfect job.

3.    Prepare the Trim

Paint doesn’t work well on dirty, grimy, spore-sporting exterior surfaces. Pressure washing the exterior surface is the first step to producing great results.

4.    Inspect for Damage

Look for any wood or siding damages, or any other issues around doors, windows, and joints that require repairs. Make sure all surfaces are dry, remove loose, flaking paint, and sand all rough areas.

5.    Caulking

Caulk is a filler and sealant and also tackles any gaps and cracks on the walls, doors, and windows. It is a great solution for such minor problems before repainting the trim. Ensure the caulking dries first before repainting.

6.    Choose the Right Paint

Water-based acrylic latex is the best to repaint exterior trim. Choose a paint that applies easily and dries quickly and which you can clean up with soap and water. Worried about painting during the pollen season? No need to worry. Acrylic paint dries fast and there is no effect from falling pollen.

7.    Prime the Surfaces

For any bare wood on your trim, apply a primer before painting.

8.    Painting shutters storm windows and screens

 For the best job of repainting these fixtures, take them down first and paint them separately. Rehang the shutters after the paint dries.

9.    Exterior Window Painting

Work from the sashes out to the frames when repainting exterior windows, sashes, sills, and jambs. Window sills should receive close attention as they suffer exposure to the elements.

10.    Door Repainting

To spray the perfect door, remove the knobs, latch plates, and door knocker. If possible, you can also remove the door from its frame.

11.    Check the Weather

When learning how to paint exterior trim wood, the weather is an important consideration. You should not paint in direct sunlight as this forces the paint to dry too fast. This could potentially cause unsightly/ heavy brush marks. Windy weather can also blow dirt into the paint job.

Consult Exterior Painting Contractors

Our team of painting experts are always ready to offer any advice on painting exterior trim. Our commitment and promise are to deliver the best painting services to Cary and Raleigh communities.  We have built a reputation for high-quality paint jobs. This has earned us a large client base in the area.

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