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Is Your Raleigh Interior Painting Contractor Really Eco-Friendly?

As a consumer, you must do your homework. Just because your painting contractor belongs to an organization and uses the term “Green,” that does not mean they are who they claim.

Generally, when talking about eco-friendly painting, most homeowners automatically think painting products. Green paints are a given when considering environmentally safe painting applications. However, green products are just the start. Your painting contractor should also clearly make efforts above and beyond buying low VOC paints. In order be considered a green painting company, A Touch of Color feels you have to make efforts to lower the company carbon footprint. Think of how your contractor effects Raleigh, NC’s economy and environment.  Do they just through around the word green? Are they really using good safe green practices? How is the company making efforts to recycle or reuse tools or supplies? These few questions are among many that you should ask yourself before you are fooled into thinking that your painting contractor is “green”.

If your contractor has nothing further to offer than just Zero VOC paints, it is most likely just lip service. For exterior green painting services, contractors should be EPA Lead Certified. Get more information on lead and how it affects our water table.

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