Commercial Painting Hospitality

As a commercial painting contractor, we provide painting services to the hospitality industry! If you need a company to paint the exterior of a small hotel, apartment complex, or retirement community, we’ve got you covered. We also provide interior painting services to a wide range of complexes and buildings. 


Why Choose us for your next Commercial Project!


Our application standards and product knowledge truly set us apart. We heavily consider optimal preparations and applications for all of our projects. Extensive product knowledge is especially crucial for multi-million-dollar buildings. Our services will lower potential maintenance. A Touch of Color Painting raises the bar and sets expectations that exceed the current paint market and environment. 


Commercial Painting Limitations:


  • No commercial new construction
  • No Interior Apartment Re-paints or turnovers
  • No Out of State Contractors
  • Limited Sub-Contracting (typically direct to consumer)
  • No Multi-Year Single Projects


The hospitality industry is enormous and covers a variety of facilities. For more details regarding the limitations of our commercial painting services, feel free to contact us directly. We would love to hear from you! We offer expert commercial painting services to RaleighCaryDurhamApexChapel HillWake Forest, and Knightdale

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