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Epoxy Flooring Raleigh, NC

When done correctly, epoxy floor painting is a task to leave for professionals. If you are considering epoxy flooring applied to your garage floor or commercial space, there are a few things that you should know.

Testing the concrete for moisture levels and ground effloresces salts is critical, especially in older homes. Areas that are at low grade need testing before applying any form of floor coating.

Secondly, etching the and priming the surface is critical to preventing the epoxy floor from premature peeling. Urethane top-coats are also recommended to help protect the epoxy surface.

There are cheaper one-part water-based epoxy flooring kits available at home improvement stores. However, using a top-grade 2-part epoxy, especially for a home garage flooring application, is vital to withstanding hot car tires and the constant fluctuation of temperature and moisture.

Surfaces such as driveways, walks, brick porches, and basement protective coating vary in terms of which products are optimal.

Nonetheless, proper preparation for any horizontal surface subject to standing water is critical. Extensive heavy foot traffic also plays a critical role in longevity. Having an epoxy flooring surface that is properly prepared will help seal moisture, be more resistant to peeling, and last much longer overall.

Anyone that tries to convey decreasing etching, priming, and top-coating with a clear sealer is not essential is not the right contractor for a professional epoxy flooring project!

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