Exterior Painting Services

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Available 5-Year Warranties are provided for every painting, siding, and gutter project!

Multiple seamless services guaranteed by one licensed contractor!

Exterior Painting Services

Are you looking for a reputable exterior painting service from a company that has a proven history? Well, we are here to help! A Touch of Color is a full-service exterior painting contractor known for high-quality and a stunning result.

Choosing a qualified exterior home or commercial painting service will make a significant difference in both the look and the long-term durability of surfaces. 

External painting is essential to enduring, water, air, UV, and other elements that nature has to offer! It will also brighten the aesthetics and ultimately provide a restored curb appeal. We have extensive product knowledge of both exterior house paint and stains. Our exterior painting services are colorful, full of product knowledge, and offer sustainable, safe options.

Our services include more than simply painting. We offer certified siding installation and replacement and gutter installation. If you choose to utilize our multiple seamless services, we can make your outdoor living ambitions come to life in several ways!

Whether the home or commercial building contains composite, brick, metal, or stucco, we can add excitement and curb appeal just by using the right colors and textures. We offer expert exterior painting services to RaleighCaryDurhamApexChapel HillWake Forest, and Knightdale. Call us today! 919-426-4928

Wow! Wow! Wow! Hand them your keys and walk away. When you return, you’ll have a beautiful paint job!
Steve Grissom
Interior House Painting
Great to work with, great communication, and professional. I would use them again!
Marc Haberkon
Exterior Painting/ Siding
A Touch of Color by a huge margin exceeded the service I had gotten (or not) from other similar companies.
Millicent Fauntleroy
Exterior Painting/ Repairs

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