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First, it is crucial to completely restore all wood surfaced by pressure washing before the deck staining occurs. However, spraying water at high pressure is not enough. It is imperative to kill all mold, mildew, and moss with the proper deck cleaning solution prior to staining. Otherwise, you could trap mold and mildew into the wood, which will increase the likelihood of premature wood rot.

Cleaning a deck is not always straight forward and not every exterior wood surfaces require blasting. In most cases, a low-pressure wash with a proper solution will suffice. But in some cases, both a solution and blasting are required.

While staining is essential to preserving your deck – if you have cedar, natural wood siding, or other related trim – keeping your home stained is equally important.

Choosing a Deck Stain

An excellent deck or house stain should deeply penetrate the wood. Most importantly, the ingredients that are used should contain a balance of both raw materials and solvents.

Single dimensional products that only contain either high solids or penetrating sealers are not the best choices. These products typically do not protect as long for exterior staining applications.

Solid color stains sit on the wood’s surface and wear in less than a year – especially on horizontal surfaces. Products that only penetrate and seal eventually evaporate once exposed to the sun. In some cases, complete evaporation can take place in one summer.

Usually, semi-transparent stains and toners supply the best combinations between protection and color retention. Toners and translucent stains are highly recommended for first-time applications.

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