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Available 5-Year Warranties are provided for every painting, siding, and gutter project!

Multiple seamless services guaranteed by one licensed contractor!

Exterior Painters in Cary, NC

Every commercial or home painter says they are the best, right? We are a painting company that has a general contracting license and years of painting experience. If you need a fresh coat of exterior paint and want to communicate with someone that can clearly articulate the basis of the service, we are the painter for you!

Your Cary, NC home’s exterior house painting condition is its face to the world—don’t neglect the opportunity to create a beautiful exterior space to spend your free time!

While exterior commercial and home painting maintenance are equally critical, exterior painting also gives an opportunity to create a unique and memorable space. 

With almost 20-years of expertise, we offer seamless and hassle-free service delivered from professional and friendly painters that have impeccable attention to detail. You can count on us to arrive on time, protect everything on your property during production, and communicate clearly and courteously.

Utilize and enjoy our staff, professional service, and seamless process. Our service confidently and high-quality workmanship is guaranteed in our warranties.

Should I spray or brush?

There are many advantages to both spraying and brushing. Spraying allows a more uniform topcoat. Spraying also enables you to change colors easily. On the other hand, brushing in specific applications can be slightly more durable but often shows unsightly lap marks while using satin finishes. 

When asked which one is better, there’s no simple answer. Each exterior painting estimate is assessed according to our professional recommendation. Our Cary, NC exterior painting professionals consider application options that are specified to the need. Our professional opinion is based on establishing the best possible results suited specifically to your needs.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Hand them your keys and walk away. When you return, you’ll have a beautiful paint job!
Steve Grissom
Interior House Painting
Great to work with, great communication, and professional. I would use them again!
Marc Haberkon
Exterior Painting/ Siding
A Touch of Color by a huge margin exceeded the service I had gotten (or not) from other similar companies.
Millicent Fauntleroy
Exterior Painting/ Repairs

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