Client Preparations (Exterior)

∗ This page covers unexpected details and explains how to plan and prepare for the painter’s arrival. It will answer the most frequently asked questions that our clients have, regarding what to consider before the start of the project. ∗

General Information

  • If you have plants or shrubs that are too close or touching the house, the general rule for space is two feet from the house, if at all possible. Therefore, trees and shrubs may have to be cut back for accessibility
  • Regarding any exterior repairs to be completed, be sure to remove any pictures or fragile items from the interior walls where work will be performed.
  • Planters, outside furniture, grills, and yard equipment will have to be re-positioned, usually near the edge of the yard.
  • On most exterior jobs, we pressure wash before the paint crew comes. We highly advise that someone is home or that you allow us access to the inside to prevent damage to hardwood floors or carpet caused by leaky weather stripping around doors and cracked windows.
  • There will be water spots on windows facing the sunny side of the house at the time of pressure washing.
  • Having a plan for pets is always crucial for the safety of both the pet and the workers. If there is a gate, note that we will have to have it open for some short periods of time.
  • Working in an area clear of pet feces is much appreciated.
  • Usually, on the last day, we will need windows and doors open in order to paint them. If there is any chance of conflict in scheduling, let the team leader know, and we can work around your schedule. We will not leave your home unattended. However, we also can’t stay late on this day. Therefore, appropriate scheduling is essential.
  • Make sure water sprinklers and the house alarm system is shut off well before we arrive every morning.
  • Keep all motor vehicles at a safe distance from the painting area to avoid any potential accidents from standing ladders or over-spray.

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