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Pressure Washing Services in Raleigh, NC

Refresh your Raleigh home with A Touch of Color pressure washing services. If your home is looking a little dull, it may be the result of years of dirt accumulation. One simple way to breathe new life into that tired exterior is a thorough pressure wash performed by a professional painting and pressure washing contractor.

At A Touch of Color, we have high-quality pressure washers containing over 4000 psi. We have extensive experience to ensure we get the job done right. Are dirt, mold, and mildew making the outside of your home look dirty? Wash away years of dirt and pollen to reveal your home’s true color.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Hand them your keys and walk away. When you return, you’ll have a beautiful paint job!
Steve Grissom
Interior House Painting
Great to work with, great communication, and professional. I would use them again!
Marc Haberkon
Exterior Painting/ Siding
A Touch of Color by a huge margin exceeded the service I had gotten (or not) from other similar companies.
Millicent Fauntleroy
Exterior Painting/ Repairs

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