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Deck staining is the absolute best form of protection for your deck. A good deck stain will help protect wood from extreme weathering. Without the necessary protection, the wood will begin to split and become very porous. Some decks, especially ones that have never been stained, will even have an unsightly gray aged look. Under these conditions, water can completely saturate the wood on your deck. Porous wood takes twice as long to dry out. If the deck is exposed to constant moisture, it will increase the likelihood of damage to the deck. High moisture is especially problematic to areas that are constantly in a shaded environment.

While staining is important to preserving your deck – if you have cedar, natural wood siding or other related trim – keeping your home stained is just as important. The preparations beforehand are just as important as the actual application. First, it is important to completely restore your home by pressure washing before any staining occurs. However, simply pressure washing is not enough. It is absolutely imperative to kill all mold, mildew, and moss before any staining or painting takes place. Otherwise, you could trap mold and mildew into the wood, which will ultimately speed up the process of wood rot.

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Choosing a Good Deck Stain for Your Home

A good deck stain should deeply penetrate the wood on your deck or home and protect it from moisture. Most importantly, the raw materials that are used should be a good blend of agents that are going to penetrate and contain solids. Single dimensional products that only contain either high solids or penetrating sealers are not the best choices. These products typically do not protect as long for exterior staining applications. Solid color stains just sit on the wood’s surface and wear in less than a year – especially on horizontal surfaces. Products that only penetrate and seal eventually evaporate once exposed to the sun. In some cases, complete evaporation can take place in one summer. Therefore, a good balance is important. Usually, semi-transparent stains and toners supply the best combinations between protection and color retention. Toners and translucent stains are recommended for first-time applications. They reduce the chance of unsightly lap marks.

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