Fiber Cement Siding Installation Contractor Raleigh

Siding-Installation-Contractors-RaleighEvery siding installation contractor and homeowner in Raleigh can agree that bad exterior siding is something that simply can’t be ignored. If you have damaged siding due to water damage you may want to consider a complete replacement. Unless, you wish to keep paying for the constant repairs and having to repaint partial portions of the siding every year.

Painting over bad siding is not a good investment. Understanding the costs associated with complete siding replacement, we know that it’s not an easy financial partaking. So, we attempt to make it as easy as it possible can. Our siding installations are low invasive and very cleanly. However, we only install fiber cement siding manufactured by Hardie Plank, Nichiha and Allura.

From siding installation to window sill, fascia and corner boards, A Touch of Color LLC can take care of most home exterior trim repairs. Our Raleigh staff is experienced in using both composite and natural materials! We are your all in one Raleigh painters and siding installation contractor.

Siding Installation Pricing

Our installation and repair proposals are itemized with prices that are clear and easy to understand. Painting over rotted or damaged wood just doesn’t make sense — your paint job is never better than what you are painting over. Choose a contractor that takes care of the entire project, not just half.

What is Fiber Cement Siding?

According to manufacturer’s basic composition and specs, fiber cement is made of Portland cement, ground sand, cellulose fiber, select additives, and water. This kind of siding contains no asbestos, glass fibers or formaldehyde. Most siding, trim, and soffits are available in several sizes, profiles and colors. So, the lack of options or trying to get something close to what you already have should be no issue.

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