Client Preparations (Interior)

∗ This page covers unexpected details and explains how to plan and prepare for the painter’s arrival. It will answer the most frequently asked questions that our clients have regarding what to consider before the start of the project. ∗

General Information

  • Please have a plan as to which order you would like your rooms painted. Take into consideration that some rooms will take longer than others.
  • Often times, common areas, such as halls contain the least amount of disruption to the homeowner. We may work in these areas as we prepare for the next room.
  • Most modern interiors use latex paints with low odor and the smell goes away fairly quickly. Those that are sensitive to paint vapors should plan to sleep in other areas for the night and/or should consider a low volatile organic compound (VOC) paint.
  • If we are doing large repairs or if the area requires any special painting or prep, it is most likely going to take a few trips to that area. Prepare for at least two days or more before that area can be used.

Things to Consider

  • Remove any fragile items from the area, especially China and expensive decorative items. China cabinets should be emptied completely before moving.
  • Everything in the room gets covered. If there is delicate furniture, electronics, glass or an heirloom that is tricky to move, please bring it to our attention before we arrive or notify the team leader before we enter the room.
  • Bookcases can be heavy at times and moving furniture while weighted can damage flooring or furniture. Make sure that we are aware of heavy items so that we can have the necessary assistance if needed. Pianos and refrigerators will damage hardwoods if moved incorrectly. Please bring it to our attention if there are any heavy items that will need to be moved.
  • Paintings, pictures, posters, etc. that are going to be relocated should have the hardware taken off the wall so that we can mud over the holes or let us know which ones will stay up and which ones will be relocated.
  • If practical, we would like to have electronics unplugged from the walls so that we have easier access to the area. We try to stay away from disconnecting or reconnecting complex electronic wiring.


Closets must be emptied if we are painting the area. However, please be aware that often times we need to plastic off the area. If you will need clothes from the closet, please remove them before painting begins.


Counter-tops and tables will need to be cleared so that we can cover them. If we are painting the inside of the cupboard, placing items in common areas and hallways are ideal.


In most cases, items in the bedroom can be put on the bed, if we don’t need overhead access to the area. Consider the weight of the bed so that we are still able to move it. Personal items should be removed.

Kids Rooms

Be sure to prepare for young kids to sleep elsewhere for the night. Remove a change of clothes and other necessary items needed.


Just in case, make sure that you have all that you need out of the bathroom. All personal items, counter-tops, and towel racks should be clear. These areas usually take little time, unless there are major repairs or custom painting involved.

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