Raleigh Interior Painting Services

Considering painting the inside of your home – to make it feel like your own – or to create a feeling that says, “I live here?” A Touch of Color Painting says, “individualize your home, it’s yours!”

We are more than just painters, we are professionals that understand style. We offer interior painting suggestions based on the layout of your home. If you are brainstorming painting concepts and ideas, you must first understand the architectural value of the home. Taller baseboard vs shorter. Does your home have crown molding? If so, what size and design is it? Doors, windows, and casing should be taken into account too. A common suggestion is if you have wainscoting and chair railing in the dining room – depending on the height of the chair rail – there’s likely not a lot of wall space. Therefore, to create more contrast and overall energy, the small wall space that you have could stand the use of a vivid color. Contrast is important. The more or lack of contrast sets the overall feeling of the home. Are you looking for a monochromatic look or do you dare to make a statement?

Perhaps being modern or ornate is not what inspires you to have your home painted. You may be painting just to clean up the area. Or, you may already know what you want. And that’s okay too. Our painting services can be as elaborate or as simple as you desire. Either way, our interior painting services are specifically tailored to your needs. We cover a wide area, including Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest and surrounding areas. We offer outstanding craftsmanship that is second to no other local painter. Give us a call today 919-426-4928 and let us prove it!


Interior Painting Estimates Are Based on the Following Factors:

  • Scope of project (ceiling, walls, trim)
  • Variations of colors
  • Custom finishes
  • Surface condition
  • Number of coats applied
  • Application methods, painting products/materials
  • Surface type
  • Preparations needed
  • Labor/time
  • Accessibility

Call A Touch of Color Painting today 919-426-4928 or simply fill out the form below! We are happy to answer any questions!