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Environmentally-Friendly Painting in Raleigh, NC

We strive to paint in sync with the planet. At A Touch of Color, we support a commitment to the environment by using environmentally friendly paints. These eco-friendly products are supplied by Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Ecos, and other companies. We find these companies offering some of the best environmentally friendly products on the market today!

A Touch of Color supports our local economy. We visit vendors within our local marketplace when purchasing supplies for your project. As a local company, we also keep travel low by working on homes and businesses in and around the Triangle area

Our eco-friendly painting reduces waste by reusing painting tools and equipment. When available, we purchase sustainable painting products and containers made of recycled materials. When possible, we also reuse paint cans and buckets.

No Harmful Emissions

VOC is an abbreviation for Volatile Organic Compound. These photo-chemical compounds affect the air we breathe, increasing ground-level ozone. VOCs may change the air we breathe for months and even years. The atmosphere is especially altered while using interior oil-based paints. 

VOC air pollution could cause nose, eye, throat, or skin irritations. Researchers suggest that extensive contact with VOCs could cause liver and kidney cancers, as well as damage to the central nervous system. It could also lead to respiratory problems, headaches, and nausea.

Shopping Green Paint Products

Suppose you are looking for the most environmentally safe and durable paints. In that case, it is necessary to look for both “zero-VOC” and “non-toxic” products that use a zero-VOC tinting system for adding colorant. Many manufacturer’s zero VOC claims are for the paint itself and do not apply to the tint or colorants. For some, these zero VOC claims can be misleading!

Our Business Practice

If you would like to get your home or commercial space painted, ATOC ensures professional painting results. We provide quality, integrity, and professionalism. ATOC is both a licensed and insured painting contractor.

We are efficient, punctual, detailed, and stay within budget. Entrusting us with your project and personal space is something we take very seriously. We provide qualified professionals that have the skills and experience to complete all painting tasks. We also offer a team leader on every project ensuring great business practice, communication, and quality. 

We offer expert interior painting services to RaleighCaryDurhamApexChapel HillWake Forest, and Knightdale.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Hand them your keys and walk away. When you return, you’ll have a beautiful paint job!
Steve Grissom
Interior House Painting
Great to work with, great communication, and professional. I would use them again!
Marc Haberkon
Exterior Painting/ Siding
A Touch of Color by a huge margin exceeded the service I had gotten (or not) from other similar companies.
Millicent Fauntleroy
Exterior Painting/ Repairs

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