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A Touch of Color Painting has offered custom interior house painting to Raleigh, NC for over 13 years. Our approach to interior painting is more boutique. Meaning, we don’t place rushed production ahead of premium quality. As a professional interior house painting company – we love to use advanced painting systems, that meet and exceed our clients’ needs. As a testament to our service, reviews are found on our testimonials page. We also epitomize examples of our work, which are found throughout our entire website and projects page. Most importantly, we respect your home! We don’t see your belongings as stuff. We place furniture as needed and cover all flooring. We are confident in saying “your living space will appear its best when we are done”. We listen to your requests and alter our production according to each unique need. Offering fine customer service – orderly, simple interior painting estimates and written warranties, is just part of how we perpetuate excellence.


Raleigh House Painting Contractors

Optimizing Interior Painting Products

While interior color schemes are important, optimizing product placement is just as important. Your interior painter’s familiarity with cutting edge products should be apparent. Our extensive product knowledge gives clients certainty that you have used the best interior painting products. Having the expertise to encourage the right products will ultimately reflect how happy your are with the durability and aesthetics of the coating. Today there are products that excel in different ways. Now available are antimicrobial finishes that reduce surface bacteria for up to four years. There are kitchen and bath products that can take heavy exposure to moisture and steam. Meaning, no more paint pealing from walls and ceilings. Paint sheens are no longer limited to flat or satin. There are matte finishes available by specific manufacturers that in many cases are more durable than other products with higher sheens. There are even satin finishes available that won’t flash over drywall patches. We always say “the sum of the labor is mostly what clients are paying for.” So, don’t sell yourself short by paying for an interior painting application that you are not going to be happy with. An interior contractor with premium quality in mind should be able to suggest exactly what is optimal for each area.

Interior house painting is one of the quickest ways to transform your Raleigh home into exactly what you want. You can choose to re-paint the same color, find new interior painting ideas or pick any variation! At A Touch of Color, our interior house painters pay attention to the details to ensure professional results and offer craftsmanship that is second to no other painting contractor. It’s a constant battle to the best – maintaining cleanliness – being neat and efficient within your home. As your Raleigh interior painter, we take the hassle out of interior house painting!

 Our Business Practice

If you would like to get your house painted, ATOC ensures professional interior painting results. We provide quality, integrity, and professionalism at a fair cost. ATOC is a both licensed and insured interior painting contractor. We are efficient, punctual, neat and stay within budget. Entrusting us with your professional interior house painting and personal space is something we take very seriously. We provide qualified professionals that have the skills and experience to complete all painting tasks. We also provide a team leader on every project ensuring great business practice, communication, and quality. We are the Raleigh interior house painting contractor. Give us a call and receive your free, no obligation estimate today!


Painting House Interiors in Raleigh


Having Trouble Choosing Paint Colors?

Stress yourself no further! Trying to choose colors that will work within your home? There is no reason to hire a decorator. With a signed contract, our Raleigh interior painting experts will schedule a free color consultation. We will help you find the color that best fits your home’s interior. As you are considering colors, it is important to understand that there is always a slight variation between an ink swatch and an actual paint color. It is always beneficial to get color samples and apply them to multiple areas during this process. Remember to look at all samples in natural sunlight. Unnatural light can give off the wrong undertone of the color.


Price is based on some of the following factors:

  • The Scope of the Project (ceiling, walls, trim)
  • Variations of Colors
  • Custom Finishes
  • Surface Condition
  • Number of Coats
  • Application Method
  • Painting Products
  • Materials
  • Surface Type
  • Preparations needed, Labor, Time and Accessibility

Interior Painting Steps:

  • Furniture placement
  • Complete floor covering
  • Necessary demolition/repairs
  • Necessary scraping/mudding/sanding
  • Necessary priming/spot priming
  • Necessary caulking/puttying
  • Top-coat painting
  • Clean-up

Benefits of Interior Painting with ATOC:

  • Free color consultation
  • Free minor patch work
  • Popcorn ceiling removal
  • Interior repairs
  • Professional craftsmanship
  • Hand Delivered Warranty
  • All floors and furniture are completely covered
  • We offer spraying, brushing, staining and rolling

Interior Painting Tips:

  • Creating contrast between walls and trim is important.
  • In adjacent or connecting rooms, making sure the colors transition well is important.
  • To make picking accent colors easy, just pick a base color and go a couple shades darker.
  • In high-moisture areas use antimicrobial paints that help resist mold and mildew.
  • Flat paints are not as durable as satin; however, flat hides imperfections.
  • Satin is more durable and washable than flat paints, but satin paint shows flaws in walls and usually doesn’t touch up well.

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