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Available 5-Year Warranties are provided for every painting, siding, and gutter project!

Multiple seamless services guaranteed by one licensed contractor!

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At A Touch of Color, our estimates are precise and conveniently electronically accessible. There are no ambiguous warranties or guarantees from us. Our paintingsiding, gutter, and deck quotes are detailed and easy to understand. We also provide all the necessary literature to make confident and informed decisions.

We take the time and assess every aspect of the project and guarantee the best and most accurate quotes. Our quotes and invoicing is an electronic and secure process that is easy and convenient to use. Proposals allow clients to choose or remove project tasks and line items on-demand in an entirely touch-free process.

You can rest assured that our knowledgeable contractors will listen to your needs, stay on-time and on-budget, communicate professionally every step of the way, and complete the project to meet the highest expert standards.  

You do not need to pay out of pocket for those bigger projects either. We only want the best for our clients; this is why we proudly offer efficient financing options.

Why Prices Vary Between Companies?

  • Proposals between contractors will always vary. 
  • All companies do not offer the same pricing structure. 
  • Each painter and contractor also has different running costs and overhead expenses. 
  • Not every company has the same level of expertise. 

Who is the right contractor for you?

  • A credible contractor should be easily identifiable. Professional companies should have a clear and robust history.
  • The best contractors should also be considered an expert and be very knowledgeable.
  •  After your initial estimate, you should feel confident, having all of your concerns addressed.

Confidently deciding between contractors is not an easy undertaking, especially if they were not referred and you don’t know them! Our high customer satisfaction and referral rates speak for themselves!

Take the first step to have the best quoting experience; contact us today!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Hand them your keys and walk away. When you return, you’ll have a beautiful paint job!
Steve Grissom
Interior House Painting
Great to work with, great communication, and professional. I would use them again!
Marc Haberkon
Exterior Painting/ Siding
A Touch of Color by a huge margin exceeded the service I had gotten (or not) from other similar companies.
Millicent Fauntleroy
Exterior Painting/ Repairs

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