Roofing Installation in Raleigh, NC

Most roofs can be removed and replaced in one day. We carefully cover any landscaping and home fixtures to avoid damage from falling materials. We remove all pre-existing shingles and underlayment by hand. Once the old roof is off, we can assess any damages to the underlying materials and make necessary repairs.


From there, we can install the new roof and leave at the end of the day with your home looking its best. We provide full warranties that cover our work (no questions asked). We guarantee satisfaction with all the services we provide. As a complete roofing replacement contractor, we understand that a new roof is one of the most expensive repairs for a home. But a roof that leaks can create damages that potentially lead to more costly issues, including structural damage and mold growth.


Factors that determine Cost 

1) Shingle manufacturer warranty.

2) The number of layers of an existing roof that need to be removed.

3) The pitch of the roof.

4) The linear foot of valleys, hips, and ridges.

5) The grade of the underlayment.

6) Amount of ice & water barrier needed.

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